Beginner in Baking? Know what you need and what you DON’T !

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Are you a beginner in baking or confused as what you should/shouldn’t buy to be able to bake a cake – Then this post if for you. I am writing this post because I struggled to know what I need when I began to bake(couple of weeks before) and I ended up wasting money on stuff which isn’t required for a beginner at least.

So as I said, It’s been couple of weeks I started baking and thanks to Corona that I discovered this new interest of mine because I am home 24*7 all 7 days of week for MONTHS now and I am also avoiding ordering food from outside. SO if you’re a beginner like me – be assured we are sailing in the same boat 😉

Coming to the struggles I faced when I first wanted to bake my very first cake – I didn’t know what all I need to have(ingredients/baking essentials), yes you may get that info on some blogs or Youtube but mostly you end up buying stuff which is not very useful for you “as a beginner” in baking. And so I wanted to write this post for all you people like me, who are struggling to know the basic information which may not be readily available. I also have some tips for you, so you can save yourself some bucks you may otherwise spend for items which may not be very useful and nobody talks about it. So let’s begin.

What all you would need to bake a basic cake ?
I am sure you would want to bake a cake which is tasty as well as good looking. It may not be as fancy as from some professional baker but I am sure you would want to bake a cake which you can flaunt 😉

So Here’s list of items you would need –
Appliances/ Instruments –
1. Oven/Microwave – You can bake the base of a cake on the gas as well using cooker but if you have a Oven/Microwave it’s better. If you planning to buy one, I would suggest go for OTG as when i did my research I found OTG is better and has less adverse effects on your health when as compared to Micorwave oven (because of the radiations, a microwave oven uses to cook the food)

2. Electric Blender/Mixer – Since we mostly use whipped cream to decorate the cake, an electric blender is a must to have as if you try using a whisk to whip the cream it’s gonna be little tough. But you can choose to use a whisk as well, just that it’s little time consuming and requires manual efforts.

3. Cake Tin – You would need a basic cake tin which is readily available on Amazon/Flipkart to prepare the base of the cake.
A tip here is go for the smallest size cake tin ( I purchased 8 inches one, when I was exploring the options). I am suggesting to buy the smallest possible available for 2 reasons – First, since you’re a beginner it’s very probable that you end up making mistakes so you wouldn’t want to waste a lot of ingredients. Second, if you’re someone who has small family or you baking for your own self, and you like fresh cakes more than the ones stored for long, in refrigerator – go for a small cake tin.

4. Butter paper/Parchment Paper – These are the paper sheets which you would need to line your cake tin with, so that the base when you pour in the cake tin, doesn’t stick to the base of cake-tin.

5. CakeLeveller/ Knife – 2 types of knife you would need to begin with – First to cut the base (slicing knife) and another one to apply and level the cream on the top and sides of cake (a flat knife)

6. Rotating Cake Stand – I wouldn’t say it’s a very necessary item if you are a beginner but it’s good to have when you want to level the cream on the sides of your cake.

7. Piping bags and Nozzles – These are essentially to decorate your cake and make Flowers, Stars, Petals, Baskets, Ruffles etc. onto the frosting of your cake. I would recommend buying a silicone reusable piping bag which you can wash and reuse as it reduces plastic waste. Also many of the piping bags come with nozzle sets where you get different types of nozzles to carve out designs of your choice.

Instruments which you don’t necessarily need as a beginner / not MUST to have –

  1. Cake Boards – I feel cake boards are for professional bakers, if you have a flat surfaced plate or similar utensil, that does the trick quite wel
  2. Cake Sculpting tools – You may not need to invest too much into tools to decorate the cake when you are a beginner as decorating the cake like a professional which isn’t your first step to be achieved and honestly speaking, you can achieve lot of great cake designs just with the help of different shaped nozzles ( I did so)
  3. Fondant/Sugar Paste – All the nice figures/shapes put on top of a cake are made of fondant (explaining as I didn’t know it when I started to bake 😉 ) . For example, if for a Forest themed cake, you may see some animal figures created or for some other theme, flowers, leaves etc. – all of it is achieved using fondant. You don’t need to buy fondant as a beginner as once you’re comfortable baking, you can always move more into decorating.

So that’s all for today’s post. I will post about the Ingredients and recipe of the first cake I baked, so stay tuned. If you haven’t followed my blog yet, please do.

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Stay positive and keep smiling 🙂


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