Colorbar Perfect Match Primer vs Purplle 24k gold Primer

Hello My Loves,

How are you all doing ? I hope healthy and sane πŸ˜€ because I am at the verge of losing my sanity in this post-Covid world πŸ˜›

Okay let’s talk business so I have recently tried a lot of primers(for the beginners – Primers are applied after moisturizer and before foundation to get a smooth base for your makeup). I wanted to give you some headsup in this post if you’re planning to buy a primer.

So out of the 2 primers I loved “Purplle 24k gold primer” and to my surprise colorbar hasn’t performed that well.

Let’s talk about the Pros and cons of each.

  1. Purplle 2k gold primer – Buying link
    This retails for INR 450/- for 20 ml of product which is quite reasonable as compared to Colorbar ones.
    Pros –
    This works well on my sensitive skin. However I can’t vouch for the brand to be claiming that it reduces fine lines or if it’s enriched with gold particles πŸ˜‰ but overall it’s a good product for the price.
    It feels light on skin
    the finish of foundation over this is quite good.
    I can’t think of any
  2. Colorbar Prfect Match Primer – Buying link
    This retails for INR 850/- for 30 ml of product which means for 20 ml you’ll need to pay approx INR 566/- , clearly higher than Purplle one.
    Pros –
    The finish of this primer is good on face
    Claimed to be enriched with Vitamin E
    Paraben free
    Cruelty free – since Colorbar is a cruelty free brand

    Cons –
    May not be suitable for oily skin

    If you’re looking for a primer as a beginner in makeup and confused between these 2 or even some other primers, I would suggest to give a try to Purplle 24k gold primer for once and you’ll love it .

    Hope this was a helpful article, to read more reviews and my take on makeup / skin care products – please stay tuned.

    You can also follow me on Instagram, my handle is @therealnehasharma

    Thanks for reading, stay safe and positive but Corona negative πŸ˜€


MyGlamm LIT Liquid Lipsticks Review and Swatches

Hello My Darlings !

How you all have been ? I hope great and still motivated and positive towards life πŸ™‚ . Before we begin with today’s post, just a reminder – If you haven’t followed me on INSTAGRAM, please do so as I am very much regular on posting content there ! Here’s the link for you to hop to my Instagram handle –

Also, a great news I wanted to share was – I am a Verified Amazon Influencer, that means that you can buy the products from Amazon that I have love and highly recommend (it won’t cost you anything extra but if you buy from my link, I get paid a little amount πŸ™‚ ) . Here’s the link to my Amazon StoreFront if that interests you. Also I would be adding more and more items to my storefront continuously so stay tuned ❀

Recently I came across MyGlamm website – It’s an online shopping portal like Nykaa, Purplle etc. and I heard about it from Instagram. Since the offers on the website were quite attractive, I thought of buying some stuff from there. So I bought quite a lot of products from them but for the love of lipsticks, I bought 4 shades out of I think 22 they have in their LIT liquid lipsticks range. I will review those lipsticks in this post and would also share the lip swatches of these lipsticks so read until the end πŸ™‚

Let’s start with the review of the lipsticks –
I would say, the lipsticks are quite pigmented and I love all the 4 shades I bought. The good thing about MyGlamm site/app is that you can virtually try on the lipstick shades on yourself and then choose to buy the ones you like(I did the same) and one of the shades was loved and caught so many eyeballs that people asked me what lipstick that was.
On offer, you will get 3 liquid lipsticks for INR 799/- on MyGlamm app/site. If you buy a single one, it retails for INR 395/- for 3 ml of product.

I bought 4 shades of the lipsticks as below –
DTR (Shade-14)- DTRΒ is a dusty rose shade. Here’s the swatch of the same –

Ship (Shade No. 25) ShipΒ is a deep chocolate shade. Here’s the Swatch

Cuffing(Shade 15) CuffingΒ is a mulberry shade that’s made for romantic evenings with your boo. Jere’s the swatch –

Slow Fade (Shade08) Slow FadeΒ is a dark berry shade with brown undertonesΒ . This shade is the much talked about among my friends . They all simply loved it . See the swatch and tell me if you love it too πŸ˜€

So let’s come to the Pros and Cons of these lipsticks-

Pros –
No smudges or transfers
Super pigmented
Matte finish

Not comfortable on lips
You would need to moisturize your lips so they don’t get dries because of the lipsticks as these are little drying

Would I recommend it – Yes, definitely as the pigment and everything is so great and it’s cruelty free and vegan friendly too.

Please let me know in comments, which shade is your favorite.

Stay healthy and beautiful !


Beginner in Baking? Know what you need and what you DON’T !

Hello My Lovelies,

How are you all doing ? I Hope healthy and happy πŸ™‚

Are you a beginner in baking or confused as what you should/shouldn’t buy to be able to bake a cake – Then this post if for you. I am writing this post because I struggled to know what I need when I began to bake(couple of weeks before) and I ended up wasting money on stuff which isn’t required for a beginner at least.

So as I said, It’s been couple of weeks I started baking and thanks to Corona that I discovered this new interest of mine because I am home 24*7 all 7 days of week for MONTHS now and I am also avoiding ordering food from outside. SO if you’re a beginner like me – be assured we are sailing in the same boat πŸ˜‰

Coming to the struggles I faced when I first wanted to bake my very first cake – I didn’t know what all I need to have(ingredients/baking essentials), yes you may get that info on some blogs or Youtube but mostly you end up buying stuff which is not very useful for you “as a beginner” in baking. And so I wanted to write this post for all you people like me, who are struggling to know the basic information which may not be readily available. I also have some tips for you, so you can save yourself some bucks you may otherwise spend for items which may not be very useful and nobody talks about it. So let’s begin.

What all you would need to bake a basic cake ?
I am sure you would want to bake a cake which is tasty as well as good looking. It may not be as fancy as from some professional baker but I am sure you would want to bake a cake which you can flaunt πŸ˜‰

So Here’s list of items you would need –
Appliances/ Instruments –
1. Oven/Microwave – You can bake the base of a cake on the gas as well using cooker but if you have a Oven/Microwave it’s better. If you planning to buy one, I would suggest go for OTG as when i did my research I found OTG is better and has less adverse effects on your health when as compared to Micorwave oven (because of the radiations, a microwave oven uses to cook the food)

2. Electric Blender/Mixer – Since we mostly use whipped cream to decorate the cake, an electric blender is a must to have as if you try using a whisk to whip the cream it’s gonna be little tough. But you can choose to use a whisk as well, just that it’s little time consuming and requires manual efforts.

3. Cake Tin – You would need a basic cake tin which is readily available on Amazon/Flipkart to prepare the base of the cake.
A tip here is go for the smallest size cake tin ( I purchased 8 inches one, when I was exploring the options). I am suggesting to buy the smallest possible available for 2 reasons – First, since you’re a beginner it’s very probable that you end up making mistakes so you wouldn’t want to waste a lot of ingredients. Second, if you’re someone who has small family or you baking for your own self, and you like fresh cakes more than the ones stored for long, in refrigerator – go for a small cake tin.

4. Butter paper/Parchment Paper – These are the paper sheets which you would need to line your cake tin with, so that the base when you pour in the cake tin, doesn’t stick to the base of cake-tin.

5. CakeLeveller/ Knife – 2 types of knife you would need to begin with – First to cut the base (slicing knife) and another one to apply and level the cream on the top and sides of cake (a flat knife)

6. Rotating Cake Stand – I wouldn’t say it’s a very necessary item if you are a beginner but it’s good to have when you want to level the cream on the sides of your cake.

7. Piping bags and Nozzles – These are essentially to decorate your cake and make Flowers, Stars, Petals, Baskets, Ruffles etc. onto the frosting of yourΒ cake. I would recommend buying a silicone reusable piping bag which you can wash and reuse as it reduces plastic waste. Also many of the piping bags come with nozzle sets where you get different types of nozzles to carve out designs of your choice.

Instruments which you don’t necessarily need as a beginner / not MUST to have –

  1. Cake Boards – I feel cake boards are for professional bakers, if you have a flat surfaced plate or similar utensil, that does the trick quite wel
  2. Cake Sculpting tools – You may not need to invest too much into tools to decorate the cake when you are a beginner as decorating the cake like a professional which isn’t your first step to be achieved and honestly speaking, you can achieve lot of great cake designs just with the help of different shaped nozzles ( I did so)
  3. Fondant/Sugar Paste – All the nice figures/shapes put on top of a cake are made of fondant (explaining as I didn’t know it when I started to bake πŸ˜‰ ) . For example, if for a Forest themed cake, you may see some animal figures created or for some other theme, flowers, leaves etc. – all of it is achieved using fondant. You don’t need to buy fondant as a beginner as once you’re comfortable baking, you can always move more into decorating.

So that’s all for today’s post. I will post about the Ingredients and recipe of the first cake I baked, so stay tuned. If you haven’t followed my blog yet, please do.

You can also catch up all the latest pics of mine on my Instagram(@therealnehasharma) and videos on my Youtube Channel (PanacheByNeha). Here are the Links to both



Stay positive and keep smiling πŸ™‚


Relationships in today’s world !

Hi All,

How all of you have been ? I hope healthy and happy 😌

You know, I started writing or came into blogging coz I am an expressive person who really likes to put her thoughts for others without being worried of judgements. However over the period of time, I realized that I am writing mostly when I am feeling the life and the brutal realities from very close. I think I should be more regular about my writing but for now, let’s see what I have to say in this post to you all.

Do you guys also feel sometimes the relationships we are living with in today’s world’s are not as perfect as you once thought them to be. I remember when as a kid and even until I started living on my own, I used to see the close relationships to be Perfect ! But gradually I started to realise everything I believe in, was a myth. People are flawed so am I and those flaw you know when you start thinking neutral, unbiased by what that person is for you.

Yes, I am talking about every relationship be it Mom, Dad, Sister, Brother, Husband, wife, kids – I mean everyone. Forget about in-laws .. for a girl in India specially , in-laws is the forced pair of parents who would never treat her as their daughter but expect her to respect them as her parents. So much of hypocrisy prevails and no girl talks about it. I was also very reserved when talking about all this but not anymore coz pretending is just not me. If a girl who (by God’s grace and her parent’s hardwrok) is earning well, can do every bit for herself and her family and expected to look perfect, expected to look for approvals to spend her own VERY hard earned money then don’t you think there’s something seriously wrong about the society? I think so and I am not afraid to speak about it. I am free, so are my words. I don’t pretend to be a perfect girl, who can carry the burden of proving herself great in all aspects – why should I ? I deny to accept the hypocrisy and become a part of it someday . This had to change.

These are the relationships for which you fight, lie, do all sort of things but the moment you don’t agree to or behave as per their standards – you stand nowhere ?

Please don’t think I feel bad for having these relationships, I am blessed to have all of these people in my life and I can’t even imagine how my life would be without them but end of the day aren’t we all alone, fighting the battle for ourselves ?

I know this may sound disturbing to you if you’re in rosy phase or days of your life and it must do to me also when I am in best of my days but this lockdown has hit the facts hard on my face.

Please do love your people , do more for them than they do for you coz the life is short. People should actually miss you for what you are when you aren’t around – is my mantra of life πŸ™‚

Last but not the least, relationships are must but also do take care of yourself if nobody else does.

If you are feeling low, loads of love and hugs from me . If you’re happy , I pray to God , this never ends for you.

Signing off

– Neha

What keeps me going !

Hello Readers,

Hope you all are staying healthy and happy amidst all the Covid situation we all are in.

Don’t you feel low/frustrated/not so great some days ? Well, I DO !!!

We all go through different phases, feeling different emotions, in life which is sounding philosophical as I am writing it :D… but isn’t it true ? Ever since this COVID -19 has taken over the control of our lives to a great extent, feeling low/frustrated/sad/unmotivated has become more prominent.

If you’re coming across my Blog page for the first time and don’t know me well – Just wanted to tell you a very defining term for myself, that’s – A super hyperactive soul who has this strange phenomenon called OCD (google it if you aren’t sure what it is πŸ˜‰ ) . In layman’s terms I keep on trying new stuff and starve for perfection. With such kind of personality, there are rarely any days when I have nothing to do πŸ˜› , I keep exploring new hobbies, interests, things that makes me feel happy and content BUT despite of all this, I feel low – if not very often, at least few days a month for sure. I have a beautiful family, an adorable son whom I love to the moon and back, have a fulfilling job where people actually love me (I know it may sound weird too but one thing for sure is, I see people wanting me to be working with them despite of list of flaws I carry πŸ˜€ ) , BUT I still sometimes feel frustrated – I don’t know why but I do and I have no shame in accepting it, because that’s how I feel inside so why I fake being happy outside ?
Having this all said, despite of all those rough patches and tough times, I try to keep my self motivated and going.

2 very important details about it I wanted to write about this are “HOW” and “WHY”.
WHY is it important for anyone to keep reminding themselves that they are worthy ? Because if not yourself, then who else will ? Don’t let yourself feel bad about stuff for too long, it causes DEPRESSION- using this term because it’s heart breaking to see how some very talented people have succumbed to this and mind you the people who get it are not mediocre – they are all the blessed ones who achieve a lot more than average people, highly ambitious and one of their kind ones. Do not ever let yourself sink into it – whatsoever the reason be. Life is beautiful so live it to the fullest !!!

Coming back to the topic I am writing about today, HOW part of this – How one can keep going. Now I am going to write completely my personal experience (may differ for each individual) –
1. When I feel very low, first thing I do is STOP for a while, take an immediate break. Now the strange thing with people like me is we can’t sit idle so when i say I stop, I mean I do something else which is completely different from what i was doing, something that i love to do the most – like talking to someone who adores me and makes me feel good of myself or write or cook or anything – to divert my mind because that’s the key – it’s all about the game of deceiving your own mind at that moment of time. Don’t trust me? Try it once πŸ™‚ .
2. I think about everything that’s great about my life after all nobody has a “Perfect” life but definitely has blessings in some form or the other.
3. Know that social media is full of lies, because nobody shares their weak moments, there. The more you look at how everyone is having gala time of their life the worse you would feel of yourself while you are still in “not so happy” days/weeks/months. So BIG NO to social media, when you think you are already upset.
4. Think of how you made people feel great when they touched your life. I always believe when you are no longer around, nobody may remember your financial status, your position, your personality but all they remember is “How YOU made them feel”. Little bit of gyaan though, but one’s greatest achievement is when they make someone feel good while being around – The impact you leave on other person’s emotions, during short time you spend together, matters the most. I say short span of time as life keeps moving, and we are not with same set of people always but the impact we leave on their life is forever – so give it your best shot πŸ™‚
5. Last but not the least, think about people who adore you, and they adore you for what you are not what you do – so you gotta pull yourself up and get going.

It’s easy to give up but isn’t the life too short to give up unless life gives up on us πŸ˜€ .

If you’re feeling low, frustrated, down – Remember no matter how much ever long the night is, it does end with a bright sun πŸ™‚

Stay happy and healthy ! Sending you love !!!!



Am I too loud or too meak ?

Hello My Lovely Readers,

I am back again with you all, doing one of the things I feel is the best to express the deepest of my thoughts. Also, another reason why I prefer writing is, whatever I write here isn’t imposed but You who’s reading this post right now , actually feels, that this post is worth your time in this fast paced journey of life and so I am BLESSED to have you as my reader πŸ™‚

Back to the topic want to write about or rather discuss. Are you also the one who is confused if you are too loud or too meak ? Do you want to know what my take on it is? If you want to know what’s my ideology on keeping the balance, please keep reading .

So I used to be an introvert child who won’t share easily what’s going on inside so easily but always wanted to speak about things which weren’t right or rather say Unfair to one – be it taking side of my friends in front of teachers(for whom I was a favorite but ended up being scolded by them for doing it πŸ˜€ ) or my younger sibling in front of my parents.
Never had a big group of friends because for me a friend is much more than with whom we just hang around. I still remember this friend of mine (she still is) going against her own sister to favor me and even got beating from teacher in school for me πŸ™‚ – This for me is what a real friendship is, where I was standing in every thick and thin of hers and she did the same too.

Gradually I realized, how important aspect of one’s personality it is to be vocal – about the things which are right, fair and justified and so I came out of that shell I had around me of being an introvert. I started to react, speak it out louder than before and telling when it’s not fair and retrospect myself too.
But when you start to speak up in strong voice specially if you’re a woman you invite a lot of raised eyebrows and people start to tag you as too blunt, aggressive, egoistic (may be) . It’s then when the question comes “AM I TOO LOUD OT TOO MEAK” ? You want to know my approach to this, keep going on.

So the answer is- The perfect balance of being not too loud or too meak is if you do the following –

1. Raise your voice against injustice, bias, and wrong deeds no matter who is at stake.
2. Have a justifiable stand of your own in public – be it your family, friends, office, unknowns
3. Put forth your point in the most logical way possible and with the concrete reasoning as why you feel so without being judgmental , critic without a cause, about others.
4. Don’t indulge in fights/bitching/blame-games just to satisfy your ego in front of others however inside you know you’re wrong. This doesn’t make you strong if you just prove your point to the other person despite of knowing you’re wrong.
5. Use your words wisely for the betterment of others, appreciating people and not for bullying, pulling someone down, shaming, calling names – big NO NO.

Being a woman, I know how important it is to be vocal yet reasonable but unfortunately I don’t see many women doing it around me for various reasons and when I find such women I am naturally attracted to their personality and that’s the reason in all my social accounts , the women I follow, all of them have a spunk in them, they are all strong ones, vocal ones , women who have their stand and have concrete reasons to back it. I am more oriented towards women in these last statements as I always feel it’s our women who need to adapt these things because men are already vocal and dominant(just for fun) πŸ˜€

To sum it up, I would say Being Balanced is when you don’t fear of talking about your stand in public without pulling others down and can back your statements by valid pointers which any sensible and unbiased person would get. On the same time, you aren’t someone who’s fighting for everything without reasons – that’s no feminism.

What is your version of “Being balanced ” ? Please tell me in comments πŸ™‚

Hope you enjoyed reading it. if you haven’t followed my social handles yet(Instagram, YouTube, Facebook), please do that as you get some fun content there.

-Signing Off
Neha Sharma

I am TOUGH, but is that enough ????

Hey Readers,

Hope you guys are doing good and staying healthy.

Do you people ever feel very low and feel like giving up? Well, that’s something that happens when you have been strong for very long, but guess what you need to tell yourself at that very moment ? – “Just hang in there a little more, you are STRONG” !!!!

But is that enough???? Keep reading to know !!!

It won’t be wrong to say, that it’s my mental state as on today while I am writing it, when it has been more than a month and I haven’t stepped out because of Corona Virus outbreak just like you all. I have been doing all household chores (most of them on my own) , handling critical official meetings, managing my 3 years old while taking up the calls – Imagine bathing your kid and attending an official call simultaneously , trying to grow my new venture (my new YouTube channel) and putting so much efforts recording the videos, posting them etc. I don’t have a very solid support system – I stay very far from my parents and it’s been 2 years I met them.

Because of this overwhelming emotional, mental and physical pressure, many a times I felt like losing my cool but I kept pushing myself hard – on cost of my heath and peace, every single day I apply some muscle relieving gel on my back and think I wont work this hard again but next morning I am again pushing myself – WHY ? Because I am that kind of person who doesn’t want her loved ones to work harder and keeps on slogging herself. Result of which is – this volcano eruption that happens within you and you feel like collapsing.

I have realized and so wanted to pen it down for all you working girls/wives/mothers –

1. No matter what don’t work too hard constantly for long or try to keep all your pain inside.
2. Give yourself a break because nobody else gives a damn when you get hurt, it’s your body that pains nobody else feels it.
3. Speak to your favorite people and calm yourself down
4. Don’t hate anyone but keep assholes away (sorry for my language) but we all know there are some in our lives.
5. Be selfish at times – The longer you say selfless and keep slogging the more people exploit you. SO the moment you feel, your body and mind needs rest – do give it . Your life is precious.
6. Be gentle yet STRONG, Be nice but don’t be gullible , Care for others but for your own self too.
7. Don’t push yourself too hard for too long and wait for the world to end before you react – you are a human being too.
8. STOP working day in and out on cost of your health ! Nothing in the world can give your health and time back once lost.

Honestly speaking, I was feeling very low when I began to write this post but now for some reason I am better, perhaps that’s the power of expressing – DO express your feelings, in whichever way you want to.

I really pray and hope you all pass through this quarantine season well and the world becomes a better place again but until then, please do take care of yourself – remember you are irreplaceable for the ones who love you.

Loads of love to you all and thanks for your patience and reading it all the way till end πŸ™‚

Take Care
-Neha Sharma

Genda Phool – Jacqueline Fernandez Makeup Tutorial


Hey my Loves,

How you guys have been ? I am writing after a longgggggg time , did you miss me? I did miss you all πŸ˜‰

I hope you guys are healthy and keeping safe from this Corona Virus outbreak.

It’s been almost a month since I stepped out of my house but not even a day I felt like jailed. Guess why ????
Because I do what I love to at home and trying to make most out of these Quarantine days. I would suggest this to all of you too. You can do hell lot of stuff while being at home – spending some quality time with your near and dear ones is my favorite. Our work and routine otherwise keeps us so busy that we forget our hobbies, don’t spend time with our kids and everything that’s more important than surfing malls.

jumping back to the main topic of the post – Genda Phool look of our very own Jacqueline Fernandez. Have you already watched this song from Badshah featuring Jacqueline ? If you haven’t please do it -its’ a peppy number and the highlight of it is Jacqueline who’s looking awestruck gorgeous in Bong attire and makeup. And since her makeup and attire is so lovely and my love for this look has been there,since forever (I bought some bengali style sarees for the same reason πŸ˜€ ) I created this look WITHOUT using foundation on my Youtube Channel. I will share some pics from my look here, but don’t forget to check out my video. The link for the video is here

Hope you like the video and the makeup.

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Proud to be a woman – International Women’s Day !

Hello My Lovely Readers,

Hope you all are doing awesome πŸ™‚

Today is International Women’s Day and so I wanted to write this- not so big post however I do believe that every day is a Women’s Day but still since we celebrate this day as Women’s day – few words from me.

Firstly, I feel blessed and grateful of almighty to send me on this earth as a woman. Men undoubtedly are equally important part of our society but what and how much women do throughout their life is incredible.

God Himself has blessed women to be able to create a life within themselves.In the face of daughters, sisters, wives, mums, all they do is live for others.

Woman is the name of delicacy, power, beauty, wisdom, love, endurance, light of life and much more than this, which I am falling short of words to explain.

Woman is that light without whom, your home becomes just a lifeless house.

Woman is the one who fills void in so many lives around her, all at once and that void appears the moment she’s away.

You know what the definition of a perfect woman for me is – She is someone who’s kind at heart, beautiful inside out, strong, determined as rock, confident and pretty, ocean of selfless love and care. She is the one, with whom the life becomes a garden. She has the ability to carry the world on her shoulders. She can handle her house, kids and work with equal grace. She raises other women and help them grow. She is the one who won’t talk shit on back of others and takes a stand when needed. She has a strong voice of her own which she isn’t afraid to raise. She is the one who’s delicate, pretty and nice yet knows how to defeat the demons.

The women in your life deserve all the love, respect, care and support of the world for what they are !

If you are a man reading this, don’t forget to take care of that gift of God to you – the woman of your life and if you are a woman, loads of love and power to you. A woman who raises other women is what I call a woman of worth.

Lastly, a big shout out to all the women of my life – You ROCK ! Thanks for being there. Life would have not been the same without you 😘

Happy Women’s Day to all of us πŸ™‚

Lastly I want to say to God “Agle Janam Mohe BITIYA hi kijo” ( I want to be born as a daughter always) πŸ˜‡

Stay happy, stay beautiful and shine like a star that you are !!!


My YouTube Channel ! #PanacheByNeha

Hello my love’s !

Ok, so ai have been away for past sometime from my blogs,reason being – My own YOUTUBE CHANNEL !

Yes, you read that right 😍

I have recently released the trailer and posted few videos. Please do check out if you love the topics I post about i.e. Beauty, Fashion, Skin Care, Makeup, Travel, VLOGS and much more.

So without further ado, let me share the URL here

Do checkout, there are many exciting videos coming up there ☺️

You can Google my channel as well, using the hashtag #PanacheByNeha

Thank you all for the love and motivation you guys always shower me with.

Signing off


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