New Year New Hopes and some resolutions

Hello Readers,

A very happy new year. May this year brings a lot of happiness ij your lives and you all be blessed with everything you wish for.

New year is the time of year where we all are super excited for the year to come, always wishing that with a new year we’ll be getting over with problems and have a life like never before (atleast a kid in me always thought so 😊)

Definitely, lot of it does happen, we all try to be more happy, successful, surrounded with less problems etc etc but we may not achieve many of the thingsnwe hope for.

I have started looking at the New Year little differently. I do make resolutions but more realistic ones 😉, still dream big but make sure I work towards that more than I could ever do, don’t hope to become someone else but try to improve myself, remain positive as much as I can, try to keep myself at peace and happy and one last thing, try to be less hesitant in doing something which once I thought was impossible.

Change is a slow process and persistence is the key.

Talking about Resolutions, I also have some, more realistic than previous years though 😁

  1. Stay positive and try to be independent in terms of my own happiness. As I am growing every year, understanding the importance of happiness over everything else. Being emotional and being emotionally dependent are two completely different worlds. So I would try to focus and keep myself happy without depending on anything or anyone, this year 🙂
  2. Would try to balance personal and professional lives. I admit I at times am ignorant towards few things because I fail to balance my personal and professional lives and this is one of the major resolutions this year.
  3. Need to take care and work on my own health. I am the kind of person who sucks at paying attention to my own health many a times which gradually would be a big pain so yeah this is something i need to work on very seriously.
  4. Letting things go. Well, we all read about it a lot but little do we apply (at least I don’t). Anything which doesn’t help you grow, you NEED to let that go be it a bad habit of your own or an abusive friendship/relationship. I admit of holding on to things way more than needed and which is the worst thing to do.

These are few resolutions that I had made for this new year, not sure how much of it I can live upto, though 😁

What are your resolutions for this new year? Do write in comments, would love to read !!!

One more time, Happy New Year. Stay healthy n happy 😊

Love Love


Author: thenehasharma1006

#Fashionista #Techie #Human and one thing which I kinda like in me is not pushing others to follow what I believe in.. We all are diferent and so is the approach towards life.. End of the day we all have one life live it to the fullest! Stay happy and healthy :)

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