Thought for the night !


Hey You awesome readers there,

It’s been so long since I have posted anything, have been occupied with some other exciting tasks off late.

So today I am posting a motivational thought of the night –

“No Matter where you stood yesterday, how much you have grown and achieved is all that’s important.
The important thing in your life is to GROW !

– By none other than @therealnehasharma ( 😉 haha that’s my Instagram handle just to remind you that if you haven’ followed me there, JUST DO IT 😀

Love Ya

Being a self contained soul !

Heya !

It’s been a while I have posted some content and this post is for everyone who feels overwhelmed because of too much stuff going on in life at times.

I have always been a super ambitious, super hyperactive, multitasking person with a high degree of OCD (google it if you don’t know what an OCD is 😉 ). I always have lots to do which most of the times make me feel good of myself but there are times when i become anxious too. I am sure there are many others like me in this journey so thought of writing this in my post.

  1. Do all you want to, no matter what others think or say – Do follow your heart no matter how insane it sounds just go for it. My mum always said when you think something’s difficult or even impossible, you should definitely try doing that because anyway you know it’s impossible but who knows, you may succeed.
  2. Keep yourself occupied with stuff you do for love of it – Being occupied is the thing which keeps you going. Talking about women specially homemakers, you do a great job taking care of your families n all but do keep some slot to do something of your interest, outside tasks related to family, kids. Your husband and kids won’t always be available and if you dont do anything outside them, you feel empty someday.
  3. Be financially independent
  4. – Following your passion is one thing which may or may not pay you well. Being financially independent is a must.
  5. Don’t look for your happiness in people or things – Yes we all are social animals and pretty much affected by people around us which is fine but depending on others to keep you happy will only disappoint over a period of time.
  6. When things turn messy, take a break – I know it’s easy said than done but at times we need to force shut ourselves just like a computer. Relax yourself when you feel you are too much under perssure. No matter what it takes, taking a vacation, lessening your social presence or digital detoxification or simply cutting yourself off from everyone for the time being. Go easy on your own self.

I too am still working on many pointers but shared whatever i have experienced. Hope this helps atleast to people like me 😄

That’s all for now guys!

Please do let me know your thoughts in comments section.

Much Love !


Thought for the night!

A person starts the life caring for others more than his/her own self and one fine day end up being cared by none. And that day we-the people around such loving caring person turn that soul into someone like each of us – careless, self-centered !

If we don’t realize this in time, the world would be left with full of selfish people with no love, empathy and care. Feel for the ones who put some efforts for you 😊

Good Night ✨

Thought for the night !

Don’t Envy anyone for what they have or achieved in life, you have no idea what they have been through to stand where they do !
They reach where they are because they worked hard for it, had it in their stars/destiny or most importantly GOD blessed them that way 🙂
Be appreciative, supportive, and love all !!!!

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