Am I too loud or too meak ?

Hello My Lovely Readers,

I am back again with you all, doing one of the things I feel is the best to express the deepest of my thoughts. Also, another reason why I prefer writing is, whatever I write here isn’t imposed but You who’s reading this post right now , actually feels, that this post is worth your time in this fast paced journey of life and so I am BLESSED to have you as my reader 🙂

Back to the topic want to write about or rather discuss. Are you also the one who is confused if you are too loud or too meak ? Do you want to know what my take on it is? If you want to know what’s my ideology on keeping the balance, please keep reading .

So I used to be an introvert child who won’t share easily what’s going on inside so easily but always wanted to speak about things which weren’t right or rather say Unfair to one – be it taking side of my friends in front of teachers(for whom I was a favorite but ended up being scolded by them for doing it 😀 ) or my younger sibling in front of my parents.
Never had a big group of friends because for me a friend is much more than with whom we just hang around. I still remember this friend of mine (she still is) going against her own sister to favor me and even got beating from teacher in school for me 🙂 – This for me is what a real friendship is, where I was standing in every thick and thin of hers and she did the same too.

Gradually I realized, how important aspect of one’s personality it is to be vocal – about the things which are right, fair and justified and so I came out of that shell I had around me of being an introvert. I started to react, speak it out louder than before and telling when it’s not fair and retrospect myself too.
But when you start to speak up in strong voice specially if you’re a woman you invite a lot of raised eyebrows and people start to tag you as too blunt, aggressive, egoistic (may be) . It’s then when the question comes “AM I TOO LOUD OT TOO MEAK” ? You want to know my approach to this, keep going on.

So the answer is- The perfect balance of being not too loud or too meak is if you do the following –

1. Raise your voice against injustice, bias, and wrong deeds no matter who is at stake.
2. Have a justifiable stand of your own in public – be it your family, friends, office, unknowns
3. Put forth your point in the most logical way possible and with the concrete reasoning as why you feel so without being judgmental , critic without a cause, about others.
4. Don’t indulge in fights/bitching/blame-games just to satisfy your ego in front of others however inside you know you’re wrong. This doesn’t make you strong if you just prove your point to the other person despite of knowing you’re wrong.
5. Use your words wisely for the betterment of others, appreciating people and not for bullying, pulling someone down, shaming, calling names – big NO NO.

Being a woman, I know how important it is to be vocal yet reasonable but unfortunately I don’t see many women doing it around me for various reasons and when I find such women I am naturally attracted to their personality and that’s the reason in all my social accounts , the women I follow, all of them have a spunk in them, they are all strong ones, vocal ones , women who have their stand and have concrete reasons to back it. I am more oriented towards women in these last statements as I always feel it’s our women who need to adapt these things because men are already vocal and dominant(just for fun) 😀

To sum it up, I would say Being Balanced is when you don’t fear of talking about your stand in public without pulling others down and can back your statements by valid pointers which any sensible and unbiased person would get. On the same time, you aren’t someone who’s fighting for everything without reasons – that’s no feminism.

What is your version of “Being balanced ” ? Please tell me in comments 🙂

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-Signing Off
Neha Sharma

I am TOUGH, but is that enough ????

Hey Readers,

Hope you guys are doing good and staying healthy.

Do you people ever feel very low and feel like giving up? Well, that’s something that happens when you have been strong for very long, but guess what you need to tell yourself at that very moment ? – “Just hang in there a little more, you are STRONG” !!!!

But is that enough???? Keep reading to know !!!

It won’t be wrong to say, that it’s my mental state as on today while I am writing it, when it has been more than a month and I haven’t stepped out because of Corona Virus outbreak just like you all. I have been doing all household chores (most of them on my own) , handling critical official meetings, managing my 3 years old while taking up the calls – Imagine bathing your kid and attending an official call simultaneously , trying to grow my new venture (my new YouTube channel) and putting so much efforts recording the videos, posting them etc. I don’t have a very solid support system – I stay very far from my parents and it’s been 2 years I met them.

Because of this overwhelming emotional, mental and physical pressure, many a times I felt like losing my cool but I kept pushing myself hard – on cost of my heath and peace, every single day I apply some muscle relieving gel on my back and think I wont work this hard again but next morning I am again pushing myself – WHY ? Because I am that kind of person who doesn’t want her loved ones to work harder and keeps on slogging herself. Result of which is – this volcano eruption that happens within you and you feel like collapsing.

I have realized and so wanted to pen it down for all you working girls/wives/mothers –

1. No matter what don’t work too hard constantly for long or try to keep all your pain inside.
2. Give yourself a break because nobody else gives a damn when you get hurt, it’s your body that pains nobody else feels it.
3. Speak to your favorite people and calm yourself down
4. Don’t hate anyone but keep assholes away (sorry for my language) but we all know there are some in our lives.
5. Be selfish at times – The longer you say selfless and keep slogging the more people exploit you. SO the moment you feel, your body and mind needs rest – do give it . Your life is precious.
6. Be gentle yet STRONG, Be nice but don’t be gullible , Care for others but for your own self too.
7. Don’t push yourself too hard for too long and wait for the world to end before you react – you are a human being too.
8. STOP working day in and out on cost of your health ! Nothing in the world can give your health and time back once lost.

Honestly speaking, I was feeling very low when I began to write this post but now for some reason I am better, perhaps that’s the power of expressing – DO express your feelings, in whichever way you want to.

I really pray and hope you all pass through this quarantine season well and the world becomes a better place again but until then, please do take care of yourself – remember you are irreplaceable for the ones who love you.

Loads of love to you all and thanks for your patience and reading it all the way till end 🙂

Take Care
-Neha Sharma

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