Scholl Express Pedi Electronic Hard Skin Remover For Feet – Works WONDERS!!!!!!

Hey You Pretty Ladies out there,

This blog is about a product I never knew would need to use or even if used, would write a review/fedback/blog about. But Hey, here I am writing some wonderful stuff about this little wonder wand !

Alright, so this is not a beauty product essentially but something we all need for our feet care which we tend to ignore (I do that quite often .. after all who really looks at feet 😉 ) … But I am really happy to share the reviews of this product called “Scholl Express Pedi Electronic Hard Skin Remover For Feet
This is an electronic hard skin remover – from your feet !
This is a new of its kind product as you will find very less ratings and reviews available on Nykaa or Purplle (these are the 2 places this product can be bought from). I will share the link for both the sites.
Let’s have a look at how it looks like –

It’s a small electronic device which comes with a simple on/off button. It’s battery operated product(you do get 3 batteries with this). The top black part of the device is used on your hard dead skin of feet. Please be very vigilant to not put it against soft skin of other body parts(I got bruises by mistake pushed it against hand skin 😦

So once all set, all you gotta do is, insert the batteries and glide it on the dead skin of your feet. It starts and stops with one click of button

I would suggest wash your feet first with warm water at least if not mild body-wash, so the skin become softer and easy to remove.

Advantages of using this device –
1. Since it rotates as I start it, it glides on the skin while removing the dead skin with ease.
2. Saves hell lot of time when as compared to manual scrub
3. Easy to use
4. The design offers a perfect grip

Price – It comes for an affordable price of ₹999 /- only. I bought it during Sale 😉

Buying options –
You can buy it from Nykaa using this LINK
From Purplle using this LINK2

I am attaching few before and after pics so you can see the impact on your own
Before – There are some visible flakes of dead skin

Right after I am done – Excuse me if it looks gross. Just wanted to show the real picture of how it removes the dead skin !

After – It leaves the feet soft and smooth

I would highly recommend this product for all of you busy bees like me who ignore their feet 😀

Please tell me if you find this helpful.

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