Relationships in today’s world !

Hi All,

How all of you have been ? I hope healthy and happy 😌

You know, I started writing or came into blogging coz I am an expressive person who really likes to put her thoughts for others without being worried of judgements. However over the period of time, I realized that I am writing mostly when I am feeling the life and the brutal realities from very close. I think I should be more regular about my writing but for now, let’s see what I have to say in this post to you all.

Do you guys also feel sometimes the relationships we are living with in today’s world’s are not as perfect as you once thought them to be. I remember when as a kid and even until I started living on my own, I used to see the close relationships to be Perfect ! But gradually I started to realise everything I believe in, was a myth. People are flawed so am I and those flaw you know when you start thinking neutral, unbiased by what that person is for you.

Yes, I am talking about every relationship be it Mom, Dad, Sister, Brother, Husband, wife, kids – I mean everyone. Forget about in-laws .. for a girl in India specially , in-laws is the forced pair of parents who would never treat her as their daughter but expect her to respect them as her parents. So much of hypocrisy prevails and no girl talks about it. I was also very reserved when talking about all this but not anymore coz pretending is just not me. If a girl who (by God’s grace and her parent’s hardwrok) is earning well, can do every bit for herself and her family and expected to look perfect, expected to look for approvals to spend her own VERY hard earned money then don’t you think there’s something seriously wrong about the society? I think so and I am not afraid to speak about it. I am free, so are my words. I don’t pretend to be a perfect girl, who can carry the burden of proving herself great in all aspects – why should I ? I deny to accept the hypocrisy and become a part of it someday . This had to change.

These are the relationships for which you fight, lie, do all sort of things but the moment you don’t agree to or behave as per their standards – you stand nowhere ?

Please don’t think I feel bad for having these relationships, I am blessed to have all of these people in my life and I can’t even imagine how my life would be without them but end of the day aren’t we all alone, fighting the battle for ourselves ?

I know this may sound disturbing to you if you’re in rosy phase or days of your life and it must do to me also when I am in best of my days but this lockdown has hit the facts hard on my face.

Please do love your people , do more for them than they do for you coz the life is short. People should actually miss you for what you are when you aren’t around – is my mantra of life 🙂

Last but not the least, relationships are must but also do take care of yourself if nobody else does.

If you are feeling low, loads of love and hugs from me . If you’re happy , I pray to God , this never ends for you.

Signing off

– Neha

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