Colorbar Perfect Match Primer vs Purplle 24k gold Primer

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How are you all doing ? I hope healthy and sane 😀 because I am at the verge of losing my sanity in this post-Covid world 😛

Okay let’s talk business so I have recently tried a lot of primers(for the beginners – Primers are applied after moisturizer and before foundation to get a smooth base for your makeup). I wanted to give you some headsup in this post if you’re planning to buy a primer.

So out of the 2 primers I loved “Purplle 24k gold primer” and to my surprise colorbar hasn’t performed that well.

Let’s talk about the Pros and cons of each.

  1. Purplle 2k gold primer – Buying link
    This retails for INR 450/- for 20 ml of product which is quite reasonable as compared to Colorbar ones.
    Pros –
    This works well on my sensitive skin. However I can’t vouch for the brand to be claiming that it reduces fine lines or if it’s enriched with gold particles 😉 but overall it’s a good product for the price.
    It feels light on skin
    the finish of foundation over this is quite good.
    I can’t think of any
  2. Colorbar Prfect Match Primer – Buying link
    This retails for INR 850/- for 30 ml of product which means for 20 ml you’ll need to pay approx INR 566/- , clearly higher than Purplle one.
    Pros –
    The finish of this primer is good on face
    Claimed to be enriched with Vitamin E
    Paraben free
    Cruelty free – since Colorbar is a cruelty free brand

    Cons –
    May not be suitable for oily skin

    If you’re looking for a primer as a beginner in makeup and confused between these 2 or even some other primers, I would suggest to give a try to Purplle 24k gold primer for once and you’ll love it .

    Hope this was a helpful article, to read more reviews and my take on makeup / skin care products – please stay tuned.

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    Thanks for reading, stay safe and positive but Corona negative 😀


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