What keeps me going !

Hello Readers,

Hope you all are staying healthy and happy amidst all the Covid situation we all are in.

Don’t you feel low/frustrated/not so great some days ? Well, I DO !!!

We all go through different phases, feeling different emotions, in life which is sounding philosophical as I am writing it :D… but isn’t it true ? Ever since this COVID -19 has taken over the control of our lives to a great extent, feeling low/frustrated/sad/unmotivated has become more prominent.

If you’re coming across my Blog page for the first time and don’t know me well – Just wanted to tell you a very defining term for myself, that’s – A super hyperactive soul who has this strange phenomenon called OCD (google it if you aren’t sure what it is 😉 ) . In layman’s terms I keep on trying new stuff and starve for perfection. With such kind of personality, there are rarely any days when I have nothing to do 😛 , I keep exploring new hobbies, interests, things that makes me feel happy and content BUT despite of all this, I feel low – if not very often, at least few days a month for sure. I have a beautiful family, an adorable son whom I love to the moon and back, have a fulfilling job where people actually love me (I know it may sound weird too but one thing for sure is, I see people wanting me to be working with them despite of list of flaws I carry 😀 ) , BUT I still sometimes feel frustrated – I don’t know why but I do and I have no shame in accepting it, because that’s how I feel inside so why I fake being happy outside ?
Having this all said, despite of all those rough patches and tough times, I try to keep my self motivated and going.

2 very important details about it I wanted to write about this are “HOW” and “WHY”.
WHY is it important for anyone to keep reminding themselves that they are worthy ? Because if not yourself, then who else will ? Don’t let yourself feel bad about stuff for too long, it causes DEPRESSION- using this term because it’s heart breaking to see how some very talented people have succumbed to this and mind you the people who get it are not mediocre – they are all the blessed ones who achieve a lot more than average people, highly ambitious and one of their kind ones. Do not ever let yourself sink into it – whatsoever the reason be. Life is beautiful so live it to the fullest !!!

Coming back to the topic I am writing about today, HOW part of this – How one can keep going. Now I am going to write completely my personal experience (may differ for each individual) –
1. When I feel very low, first thing I do is STOP for a while, take an immediate break. Now the strange thing with people like me is we can’t sit idle so when i say I stop, I mean I do something else which is completely different from what i was doing, something that i love to do the most – like talking to someone who adores me and makes me feel good of myself or write or cook or anything – to divert my mind because that’s the key – it’s all about the game of deceiving your own mind at that moment of time. Don’t trust me? Try it once 🙂 .
2. I think about everything that’s great about my life after all nobody has a “Perfect” life but definitely has blessings in some form or the other.
3. Know that social media is full of lies, because nobody shares their weak moments, there. The more you look at how everyone is having gala time of their life the worse you would feel of yourself while you are still in “not so happy” days/weeks/months. So BIG NO to social media, when you think you are already upset.
4. Think of how you made people feel great when they touched your life. I always believe when you are no longer around, nobody may remember your financial status, your position, your personality but all they remember is “How YOU made them feel”. Little bit of gyaan though, but one’s greatest achievement is when they make someone feel good while being around – The impact you leave on other person’s emotions, during short time you spend together, matters the most. I say short span of time as life keeps moving, and we are not with same set of people always but the impact we leave on their life is forever – so give it your best shot 🙂
5. Last but not the least, think about people who adore you, and they adore you for what you are not what you do – so you gotta pull yourself up and get going.

It’s easy to give up but isn’t the life too short to give up unless life gives up on us 😀 .

If you’re feeling low, frustrated, down – Remember no matter how much ever long the night is, it does end with a bright sun 🙂

Stay happy and healthy ! Sending you love !!!!



Sick days – How you can feel better

Hello Readers,

This post is about those not-so good days when we fall ill and start to feel low.
The reason I am writing this post is I am kinda gong through this phase currently and know the feel. I am a very lively and super hyperactive person who always have to do something or the other. This is the reason along with my full time job and taking care of a 3 year old, I manage to take some time out and do what I like the most – expressing my thoughts and which place could have been better than my very own blog, where I am already getting lot of love from lovely readers like you all.
I try to remain positive in most difficult times also and very consciously try to convince myself “all is well” 😀 . I’ll share with you all, how I try to feel better even in tough times – sick days or other challenging phases.

Trick your brain – The moment you run into difficult phase like having some major health issues etc. , first thing that happens is you start feeling low which is very obvious but you need to tell yourself, it’s temporary and you’ll get over it soon. I won’t say that you’ll start feeling well immediately because yes, you are ailing and it would take time before you get over it BUT tricking your brain would surely boost your morale.

Divert yourself – When you’re down with health issues, look for the ways to divert yourself and do what you like doing the most – reading a book,watching your favorite movie or possibly anything you love. When I was down with cold, fever n severe body ache, I was capturing snaps for my product reviews 😛

Take a break – We all have some professional commitments and I know many of us (at least I do so) keep pushing ourselves so our jobs/tasks aren’t affected much but let me tell you if you don’t give your body the break it deserves, it’ll force you do so and the day it chooses might not be the one you would like.

Hang on there – Ok, so the statement I am gonna write, might sound philosophical to you but trust me it’s not a copied one from some book or movie but I have experienced it always. “The moment you are at peak of your issues, your better time starts right from there”. Trust me, it happens, whenever I feel I am going through the worst and I can’t bear it anymore, it starts improving.

You are always tougher than you thought you were ! Whenever I feel ridiculed by my health or issues, I just put my lipstick on , look myself in the mirror and tell myself – you are unstoppable 😉

Hope you liked this post, how do you get over your difficult days? Please share your thoughts in Comments section.
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Stay healthy and beautiful !

Love Love

Passion Vs Possession

Good Morning pretty people,

Hope you are feeling good this morning, if not do put efforts to feel good 😉

Well, this post is about passion that we want to live for vs being stuck at our respective lives for survival. Can you relate to it – I am sure many of us falls into this zone, if not everyone.

Talking about my own self, started working as a techie, now a mum of 3 year old super hyperactive boy whom of course I love to the moon and back, and still trying to live my passion.

You know, in all this jiffy that we get, to achieve everything we want to, somewhere one thing most of us sacrifice is our Passion. Someone who’s working as a techie( like me 😀 ),sitting in a small cubicle, might be a good painter/singer/dancer and wanted to pursue that but bare necessities bind us with what we do for livelihood.
So is this the end of story?Do we end up “managing stuffs” for achieving the bare necessities?
I’d say NO ! There’s a lot you can do for your own self, no matter what stage of life you are in. I am trying to do that, despite of having a full time job, a kid and barely any time. It’s all about putting in some efforts for your own self like you do for others – your beloved ones. Take some time out from your busy schedule for your own self , do what you love to, make conscious efforts to pamper yourself, staying happy. If you believe someone else is gonna walk that extra mile and do that for you, my friend, let me tell you- you are so very wrong 🙂 .
Do what makes you feel good, even if it’s cribbing about your issues – Yes I do it when I feel like 😉 . Just make sure, NOT to/ in front of wrong set of people 😀 . I do have a bad experience there 😛

You don’t need to be in your teens to achieve all, in fact I believe teens are those years where most of us don’t even realize the importance and rarely put in some conscious efforts or in a state to live our passion – at least I was such a kiddo back then or can say more important was to be independent financially 🙂

Long story short, no matter what age you are what stage of life or challenges you have, it’s never too late to live your passion. Don’t be skeptical , just push that accelerator and go for it. It does make you feel good of yourself – Tried and tested 😉

Always keep one thing in mind, whenever you try to do something different or that not many around you are doing, you may face criticism, mocking , etc etc.. All you gotta do is – DO NOT BOTHER AND KEEP GOING ! … Trust me, if you’re good,appreciation will outnumber the criticism !
Never give up on your dreams.

With this short, little positive post Signing Off 🙂 🙂

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