Do You NEED That Vacation/Car?

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Hope you guys are doing great as usual. This blog is about the how you can spend smart and what all to consider before actually shelling out money. Well, if you are coming to my page for the first time, I would suggest keep reading till the end ( my posts are not lengthy and boring mostly 😂 ). If you are a follower of my page, then you already know what to do 😉

Recently, I came across a WhatsApp forwarded message and it actually made sense. The message was about how the financial situation of families are degrading these days and I couldn’t agree more. However I try to restrict myself (not always though 😛) from spending under influence. But I try and improving every day to spend wiser. I will discuss few points which I feel are really making things go worse for many of us.

  1. Vacations under social pressure – I am sure if not everyone, many have done it at least once. Before you decide to spend those extra bucks on “your” vacation, stop for a minute and think – Do you actually need that vacation or it is just for the sake of some pictures on Facebook/Whatsapp/Instagram or may be because your “friends” are travelling and you thought it’d be fun. Everyone like to post pictures on their social media including me but are you spending heck of money just for the sake of it? Then it’s not worth. If you actually feel, YOU need that vacation then every penny is worth but if that’s not the case, don’t fall prey of societal pressure – waste of hard earned money!
  2. Buying stuff for status symbol -Be it a luxury car or some small stuff that your friend is using and you want to show off buying that, stop for a minute and think – is it a necessity? I remember when I bought my first car how much time we spent , making sure that it’s worth the cost based on our needs being fulfilled by that model and I still find myself (and of course my husband 😜) wise to have decided for the one we have.
  3. Grand Family Functions – okay, so I feel I have been there, wasting lot of hard earned money of my parents but honestly, I was too young to understand that back then. There was lot of money spent/wasted on my wedding because this was the first big function of my family where all friends/relatives were involved, though everyone who attended it (including every single person from my husband’s big family) was going gaga over the arrangement and function BUT I feel, that was the very hard earned money of my mom and dad which was spent like anything and if only I was little matute back then, could have saved. Lavish weddings, birthday parties or any other family function – aren’t these celebrations for our own selves and not for the society to give approval of how grand it was. Think before you spend, does that extra firework you plan is actually needed? Or that extra expensive caterer/decorators/flowerist etc etc – can’t you save a lot money there? Spend wisely.
  4. Being brand savvy – Each one of us have a financial background. I might be earning way less than my friend and without giving a second thought, if I start buying the stuff that he/she owns – I would end up bankrupt. Just think about it, celebrities who spend more than your salary on their lifestyle – can you copy that? Very clearly No then why your friend whose financial status is better than you. I myself am a big shopaholic, BUT I make sure I spend in proportion to how much I earn, not based on my credit card limit 😆

There are many other such pointers which can be a part of this article but those are not impactful, like eating out, parlours etc but I feel if you work hard to earn that money, you must spend little on yourself so not even mentioning all such pointers in this post.

Spend, in accordance to your salary, not to impress your friends/society.

I try to keep my posts shorter however I wrote a lot in this one 😛. Hope this was worth your time.

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