New Year New Hopes and some resolutions

Hello Readers,

A very happy new year. May this year brings a lot of happiness ij your lives and you all be blessed with everything you wish for.

New year is the time of year where we all are super excited for the year to come, always wishing that with a new year we’ll be getting over with problems and have a life like never before (atleast a kid in me always thought so 😊)

Definitely, lot of it does happen, we all try to be more happy, successful, surrounded with less problems etc etc but we may not achieve many of the thingsnwe hope for.

I have started looking at the New Year little differently. I do make resolutions but more realistic ones 😉, still dream big but make sure I work towards that more than I could ever do, don’t hope to become someone else but try to improve myself, remain positive as much as I can, try to keep myself at peace and happy and one last thing, try to be less hesitant in doing something which once I thought was impossible.

Change is a slow process and persistence is the key.

Talking about Resolutions, I also have some, more realistic than previous years though 😁

  1. Stay positive and try to be independent in terms of my own happiness. As I am growing every year, understanding the importance of happiness over everything else. Being emotional and being emotionally dependent are two completely different worlds. So I would try to focus and keep myself happy without depending on anything or anyone, this year 🙂
  2. Would try to balance personal and professional lives. I admit I at times am ignorant towards few things because I fail to balance my personal and professional lives and this is one of the major resolutions this year.
  3. Need to take care and work on my own health. I am the kind of person who sucks at paying attention to my own health many a times which gradually would be a big pain so yeah this is something i need to work on very seriously.
  4. Letting things go. Well, we all read about it a lot but little do we apply (at least I don’t). Anything which doesn’t help you grow, you NEED to let that go be it a bad habit of your own or an abusive friendship/relationship. I admit of holding on to things way more than needed and which is the worst thing to do.

These are few resolutions that I had made for this new year, not sure how much of it I can live upto, though 😁

What are your resolutions for this new year? Do write in comments, would love to read !!!

One more time, Happy New Year. Stay healthy n happy 😊

Love Love


Being a self contained soul !

Heya !

It’s been a while I have posted some content and this post is for everyone who feels overwhelmed because of too much stuff going on in life at times.

I have always been a super ambitious, super hyperactive, multitasking person with a high degree of OCD (google it if you don’t know what an OCD is 😉 ). I always have lots to do which most of the times make me feel good of myself but there are times when i become anxious too. I am sure there are many others like me in this journey so thought of writing this in my post.

  1. Do all you want to, no matter what others think or say – Do follow your heart no matter how insane it sounds just go for it. My mum always said when you think something’s difficult or even impossible, you should definitely try doing that because anyway you know it’s impossible but who knows, you may succeed.
  2. Keep yourself occupied with stuff you do for love of it – Being occupied is the thing which keeps you going. Talking about women specially homemakers, you do a great job taking care of your families n all but do keep some slot to do something of your interest, outside tasks related to family, kids. Your husband and kids won’t always be available and if you dont do anything outside them, you feel empty someday.
  3. Be financially independent
  4. – Following your passion is one thing which may or may not pay you well. Being financially independent is a must.
  5. Don’t look for your happiness in people or things – Yes we all are social animals and pretty much affected by people around us which is fine but depending on others to keep you happy will only disappoint over a period of time.
  6. When things turn messy, take a break – I know it’s easy said than done but at times we need to force shut ourselves just like a computer. Relax yourself when you feel you are too much under perssure. No matter what it takes, taking a vacation, lessening your social presence or digital detoxification or simply cutting yourself off from everyone for the time being. Go easy on your own self.

I too am still working on many pointers but shared whatever i have experienced. Hope this helps atleast to people like me 😄

That’s all for now guys!

Please do let me know your thoughts in comments section.

Much Love !


Are we not contributing to the hypocrisy towards women?

Dear Readers,

Disclaimer – Views present in this post are purely based on the thoughts that come to my mind and the purpose behind this would never be -to hurt someone’s emotions or religious sentiments !

Hypocrisy or double standards – known terms?
I am sure those are very well known terms and we all must have come across and felt terrible of it being victims. But the food for thought is, are we as people also being hypocrites?
Most of us wouldn’t agree to it and we think we are very much righteous and far away from being hypocrite. I have some questions .. think about those and decide if you have been hypocrite, if so, can you do something to correct it?

We as progressive world together want our women to work as professionals, be independent, have same place as men. BUT the moment a woman steps out, she faces the double standards – I personally faced many of them.
1. She was promoted at her work place – “Of course in the name of DIVERSITY OR simply because she’s WOMAN” and
if she doesn’t get promoted – “Because she took maternity leave and the other guy who got promotion was productive during all those months when she was busy taking care of her kid”
Where is DIVERSITY now?
2. If she’s staying back at work late hours (of course because she also might have deadlines) – “eyebrows are raised, her character might be questioned too”.
If she finishes her work faster and leaves – “She has no work,obviously she’ll leave early”
What is she supposed to do?
3. Boozing -If she chooses not to drink “She couldn’t pick a drink because she belongs to a small town and has no class”
If she drinks like a pro – “She has no character”
Can you please stop being judgmental?
4. Balancing Marriage/Kids and Career – If she chooses to quit her career for marriage/kids – “She is not good enough so she quit”
If she tries to manage her career along with home and obviously some days when she’s having tough days at office – “But end of the day house is representation of the woman of the house and Kids? Well raising kids is a woman’s job after all.
Her job is also a JOB. Be considerate !

Next few points are strictly for Hindu beliefs we follow in India (Reiterating – NO INTENT OF HURTING ANYONE’S SENTIMENTS but i need the answers)
1. God Ram is called as “Maryada Purushottam” – one who’s peerless among men.
BUT how can a man ( who was a king of all) be worshiped and became so great to be called GOD who abandoned his wife based on views of a washerman . How can he be “Purushottam”?
2. We worship Radha-Krishna (who were actually lovers and not spouse – never got married)
But people having love interest are called by names and in some societies called characterless? HYPOCRISY at it’s peak.
3. Women though considered as Goddess, and ironically tortured in all possible ways, be it rape of a 3 year old, torturing/burning a woman alive for dowry, domestic violence, or exploited simply in the name of being “women”
4. Why only women are being judged by the length of their clothes and are called by names however we don’t have this trend of shaming men for their choice of clothes?
5. Why is it so that married women “Need to look married” by putting sindoor, mangalsootra etc but no such conditions are applied to men and they can be the way they are?
6. Why women are expected to fast for the long lives of their husbands, kids etc etc whereas if for any reason their husbands died, they were made to die a painful death by burning themselves alive in the name of “Sati”?

There are many others which I would raise in some other post. But for now, I need the answers and if we don’t have the answers for these can be please stop being HYPOCRITES , be LESS JUDGEMENTAL, and MORE CONSIDERATE.

Live and Let live 🙂 . Make this world a beautiful place for others, be the cause of others’ smile not sorrow.

Think about it !!!!

Signing off for now

Thought for the night !

Don’t Envy anyone for what they have or achieved in life, you have no idea what they have been through to stand where they do !
They reach where they are because they worked hard for it, had it in their stars/destiny or most importantly GOD blessed them that way 🙂
Be appreciative, supportive, and love all !!!!

Friends !

Hey All You Lovely People,

FRIENDS ! isn’t it a topic we all can relate to, in our own ways ?

But before I continue, who is a friend and how many of them you would need to be happy ?
For me, a friend is someone who –
1. Knows you well
2. Is a part of your happy moments
3. Would be there for not so happy moments
4. Wouldn’t need to be reached out to when you need them, would be there with you before asking
5. Is no lesser than your family
6. Is happy for your success and never be envious of you
7. Stand tall in your failures to support and encourage you
8. Can tell you how pathetic you are on your face but would kill if someone tries to demean you on your back 😀
9. Would wish for your well being
10. Love you Unconditionally.

Well, those were my parameters of calling someone a friend. Please do add more in ‘Comments’ if you would like to !

Now, how many friends does one need to stay happy?

It varies person to person. I personally haven’t been a fan of having a big bunch of people around me, who wouldn’t be bothered about how I am doing but would be there for happy moments raising toast 😀

I always have had fewer friends but the ones I can rely upon for anything and everything.

Let me tell a small incident. I have a friend from my school days, we aren’t in touch on a day to day basis, because of our busy lives and commitments, we do talk occasionally though. She would never be reading this blog 🙂
So we talk over the calls or whatsapp each other every once is a while. She once called me early in the morning and I was surprised to see her call during that hour of the day, I picked up and she asked “Are you okay”? I said yes, I am but what happened. She said – Nothing, I dreamt of you and you were crying for some reason I couldn’t understand and so I called to check if you are okay.
Post this incident I met with an accident, wasn’t a major one though. But I was thinking isn’t friendship something which kind of connects two souls in undefined ways.
Like this, there were many incidents which of course I won’t write here 😀 … I call this as FRIENDSHIP where you subconsciously care for other.

We have such active social media these days where the friends’ list keeps on growing but when we are in trouble, only immediate family or few friends are standing next to us, struggling for us.

I believe if someone considers you as their “friend”, please be with them in their not so happy moments because happy faces look great on social media but we need people in not so happy moments more and they too would realize your worth by that extra mile you walked for them.

Be a kind of friend someone would fear to lose.

Please do Like, Tell me what you think in Comments and follow my blog for more of such posts !

Stay Happy, be Worthy

Cheat Sheet to happiness and peace – My Perspective

Hello Readers,

Today’s post is about peace and happiness, little different from what I have been writing about so far BUT something which I very much wanted to write about !!!
Everyone has their perspective towards happiness and peace, what I have learnt in all these years of growing up, is what I will share in this post.

We all grow in age, as a person, in terms of social status or money etc etc.. But how many of us really do grow as a person ?

Well, if I were to talk about just myself, I am a changed person in many of the aspects today from what I was couple of years back. Won’t say that I have changed completely and transformed myself into someone else but tried to correct wherever I could feel, need to change… and still on it, long way to go,lot more to learn. I can say, if you’re considerably fair to people around, you become happy and calm.
Let me point out few things which come to my mind when I talk about this topic and what can bring us happiness or peace (purely based on my experience of life so far- might look like some gyaan though 😛 )
1. Be good, it comes back– When I say be good, it has vast and deep meaning. Don’t hurt any living being- intentionally, unintentionally, by your actions, by your thoughts, don’t be a part of criticism how much ever gripping it feels, don’t be double faced, don’t keep grudges – but learn from past and avoid falling into similar situations over n over again,be reasonable in your actions, words, thoughts. Don’t be judgmental – don’t go by what other people say about someone. Before making judgments, keep yourself in other person’s shoes and then think – everyone has some struggle you have no idea about. Be thankful, say sorry if you’re wrong – Love all 🙂
2. Change Yourself if needed – Nobody’s perfect and a good person is one who introspects and identifies his/her behavior and improves the shortfalls.
3. Love more, hate none – Ok, so this might be tricky one. Yes, we do have people who’ll love and adore us and we would also do the same for them – love more, which is no big deal BUT the catch here is – how to deal with the ‘not so good ones’ or the ones who dislike/hate/hurt you when you feel you didn’t deserve that. Well, I ain’t God and like everyone else, I won’t be happy around the ones who don’t like me that much … so my way of dealing with it is keep distance from such ones, don’t hate them inside but don’t be vulnerable too – We don’t know everyone on this planet so chose the path of ignorance – Ignore their existence.
So love the ones who love you and ignore the hatred.. You’ll get a sound sleep every single night trust me 🙂
4. Be Appreciative – Saying a kind word or two to someone for the efforts they put in, makes a lot of impact we never realize 🙂 . Ladies specially , please do not tear each other out, raise other women, you’ll feel good. Bitching might lure you BUT don’t be a part and if possible educate others.
5. Be grateful for what life gave you – Be ambitious, have dreams but do enjoy what life has given you. The more happy you are for the life you got, the more you get – Tried and tested !

Be the person you would want to see in others. We live once, make most out of it.
Be Beautiful inside and it does reflect outside too in your personality 🙂 🙂

Stay Health and happy !

Signing Off

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