Maybelline New York Super Stay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick – Review and Swatches

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Talking about Maybelline New York Super Stay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick . This range lipsticks comes with an applicator which makes it easy to do outlines and then fill the lips. This also prevents wastage of extra lipstick. When you apply this range lipsticks, they are liquid and glide easily with the help of applicator. After few minutes, these dry out and become complete matte finish. These are super pigmented lipsticks. The only flaw is (not exactly a flaw because this will stay for 16 hours) is you’ll need oil based makeup remover to remove these lipsticks else it won’t be washed using water or even face-wash. You would need hell lot of efforts to remove it πŸ˜€
Matte finish
Highly pigmented
Lasts up to 16 hours
Does not dry out lips
Unique arrow applicator for precise application

Difficult to remove
Needs an to be removed with an oil-based remover

Price : This comes for a price of INR 650/- for 5ml of product

My Verdict – I loved this range and would love to try other colours from this.

Swatches below
1. Founder – A dark but muted raspberry shade with hints of purple.

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2. Heroine – This shade is coral red with orange undertone. I liked this shade .


Hope you find this helpful ! Share your shades/comments in ‘Comments’ section below !

Will be back with more reviews, till then Tata !

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London Summer Fashion

Hi you lovely girls,
So this is essentially a blog dedicated to my summers of London and few affordable styles I chose to flaunt ;).
This post is essentially less of writing and more of sharing the styles I believe would be apt for you to choose in summers !
So without really eating up on lot of space, let’s dive into one of my chosen ones –
1. Crop Top with Knee Length Skirt – This look is elegant as well as trendy. You can rely on this without giving a second thought πŸ™‚ . Clicked @MadameTussaud #London

2. Dungaree Pinafore dress – If you’re bored of casual denim and t shirt looks, this one’s for you, check out. Clicked @LondonGoldenEye

3. A Baby Doll dress – Ok so this one’s my favorite and I would recommend to go for this for any casual outing when you aren’t sure what to put on. Well wait a minute ! If you’re a curvy girl (little bit like me πŸ˜‰ ) this might not look as good as on someone lean. But hey who stops you to try on πŸ˜‰ . Clicked @O2 London

4. Maxi/Long Dress – This goes well with your diner/lunch dates, casual parties or get together. I wore it for my Birth day dinner πŸ™‚

5. Casual/Crop Top/T-Shirt with Jeans/Jeggings – Last but not the least a dress that you can pull out anywhere and everywhere and goes well always (of course not for parties πŸ˜‰ ) . So on my top-5 list, this is the last addition. Check out. #Shrad behind, Clicked at #SkyGarden #London

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Maybelline New York Color Sensational Creamy Matte Lipstick – 634 Bold Crimson , 660 Touch of Spice Review

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Today I will do review of Maybelline New York Color Sensational Creamy Matte Lipsticks – 2 shades from the range
(634 Bold Crimson and 660 Touch of Spice)

Let’s first discuss what I feel about this range after using it. Here are some pointers for you readers out there –
Finish and texture
Lipsticks from this range are matte finish with a creamy texture. They glide on lips and are very smooth. Like many other matte lipsticks, they won’t dry out your lips.
These lipsticks are very affordable and comes for a price of INR 299/- only and this particular one can be bought from here
1. These lipsticks come in creamy texture while the final finish is matte hence no drying out or chappy lips.
2. Affordable
3. Super pigmented and leaves your lips tinted with a nice color
4. Moisturizing effect on lips
1. Transferable and bleeds
2. Doesn’t stay for long hours and needs touch-up

Here are some swatches of the two lipsticks from this range

  1. 634 Bold Crimson – Super pigmented bright red color. Perfect for a dinner date !
    2. 660 Touch of Spice – This is one of the most beautiful shades of the whole range. Perfect for a daily wear to work as well as casual day outing. This is a nude with hint of purple which makes it look superb !


My Verdict – Go for these for everyday wear. This range is super affordable ! I would rate it 4.5 stars out of 5. Only Con I found was it doesn’t stay for long.and transfers.

Go Shop Girls πŸ˜‰ Much Love !!!!

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Skin Care Basics

We all at some point or other come across skin issues or troubles. I have been there too ! And trust me , it took me so many years to understand my skin type and needs and which cosmetics or skin care products are suited for my skin. So here is a cheat sheet to understand and work towards your skin care.

First thing you need to analyse is what type of skin do you have. You can have oily, dry,mixed,normal, or sensitive skin.
Every skin type needs different care. For instance I have super sensitive skin so I go for herbal cosmetics as much as possible.

Few factors you need to take care of to get flawless skin –

  1. Follow skin care routine – Cleansing, moisturizer and sunscreen are must to do. Make sure you do remove your makeup before bed howmuchever lazy you may feel but DO NOT skip this.
  2. Include fruits in your diet.
  3. Have plenty of sleep. Yes this does look cliche, but trust me people, this has a BIG impact on your skin. I personally can see the difference when I have enough sleep and when I don’t.
  4. Have enough of water. No not always 8-10 glass essentially BUT well enough you don’t feel dehydrated.
  5. Do not use makeup products which don’t go well with your skin type. Yes, you did invest a lot in your makeup products BUT risking your skin to justify the money spent is a big NO NO.
  6. Try your hands on the home remedies – Using Aloe Vera, Honey, Lemon masks. You might wonder whether it works or not, but Hey it does work.

So here were some tips on skin care essentials. Stay tuned, I will be coming back with much more content on skin care, beauty and fashion!

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