Proud to be a woman – International Women’s Day !

Hello My Lovely Readers,

Hope you all are doing awesome 🙂

Today is International Women’s Day and so I wanted to write this- not so big post however I do believe that every day is a Women’s Day but still since we celebrate this day as Women’s day – few words from me.

Firstly, I feel blessed and grateful of almighty to send me on this earth as a woman. Men undoubtedly are equally important part of our society but what and how much women do throughout their life is incredible.

God Himself has blessed women to be able to create a life within themselves.In the face of daughters, sisters, wives, mums, all they do is live for others.

Woman is the name of delicacy, power, beauty, wisdom, love, endurance, light of life and much more than this, which I am falling short of words to explain.

Woman is that light without whom, your home becomes just a lifeless house.

Woman is the one who fills void in so many lives around her, all at once and that void appears the moment she’s away.

You know what the definition of a perfect woman for me is – She is someone who’s kind at heart, beautiful inside out, strong, determined as rock, confident and pretty, ocean of selfless love and care. She is the one, with whom the life becomes a garden. She has the ability to carry the world on her shoulders. She can handle her house, kids and work with equal grace. She raises other women and help them grow. She is the one who won’t talk shit on back of others and takes a stand when needed. She has a strong voice of her own which she isn’t afraid to raise. She is the one who’s delicate, pretty and nice yet knows how to defeat the demons.

The women in your life deserve all the love, respect, care and support of the world for what they are !

If you are a man reading this, don’t forget to take care of that gift of God to you – the woman of your life and if you are a woman, loads of love and power to you. A woman who raises other women is what I call a woman of worth.

Lastly, a big shout out to all the women of my life – You ROCK ! Thanks for being there. Life would have not been the same without you 😘

Happy Women’s Day to all of us 🙂

Lastly I want to say to God “Agle Janam Mohe BITIYA hi kijo” ( I want to be born as a daughter always) 😇

Stay happy, stay beautiful and shine like a star that you are !!!


Author: thenehasharma1006

#Fashionista #Techie #Human and one thing which I kinda like in me is not pushing others to follow what I believe in.. We all are diferent and so is the approach towards life.. End of the day we all have one life live it to the fullest! Stay happy and healthy :)

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