Are we not contributing to the hypocrisy towards women?

Dear Readers,

Disclaimer – Views present in this post are purely based on the thoughts that come to my mind and the purpose behind this would never be -to hurt someone’s emotions or religious sentiments !

Hypocrisy or double standards – known terms?
I am sure those are very well known terms and we all must have come across and felt terrible of it being victims. But the food for thought is, are we as people also being hypocrites?
Most of us wouldn’t agree to it and we think we are very much righteous and far away from being hypocrite. I have some questions .. think about those and decide if you have been hypocrite, if so, can you do something to correct it?

We as progressive world together want our women to work as professionals, be independent, have same place as men. BUT the moment a woman steps out, she faces the double standards – I personally faced many of them.
1. She was promoted at her work place – “Of course in the name of DIVERSITY OR simply because she’s WOMAN” and
if she doesn’t get promoted – “Because she took maternity leave and the other guy who got promotion was productive during all those months when she was busy taking care of her kid”
Where is DIVERSITY now?
2. If she’s staying back at work late hours (of course because she also might have deadlines) – “eyebrows are raised, her character might be questioned too”.
If she finishes her work faster and leaves – “She has no work,obviously she’ll leave early”
What is she supposed to do?
3. Boozing -If she chooses not to drink “She couldn’t pick a drink because she belongs to a small town and has no class”
If she drinks like a pro – “She has no character”
Can you please stop being judgmental?
4. Balancing Marriage/Kids and Career – If she chooses to quit her career for marriage/kids – “She is not good enough so she quit”
If she tries to manage her career along with home and obviously some days when she’s having tough days at office – “But end of the day house is representation of the woman of the house and Kids? Well raising kids is a woman’s job after all.
Her job is also a JOB. Be considerate !

Next few points are strictly for Hindu beliefs we follow in India (Reiterating – NO INTENT OF HURTING ANYONE’S SENTIMENTS but i need the answers)
1. God Ram is called as “Maryada Purushottam” – one who’s peerless among men.
BUT how can a man ( who was a king of all) be worshiped and became so great to be called GOD who abandoned his wife based on views of a washerman . How can he be “Purushottam”?
2. We worship Radha-Krishna (who were actually lovers and not spouse – never got married)
But people having love interest are called by names and in some societies called characterless? HYPOCRISY at it’s peak.
3. Women though considered as Goddess, and ironically tortured in all possible ways, be it rape of a 3 year old, torturing/burning a woman alive for dowry, domestic violence, or exploited simply in the name of being “women”
4. Why only women are being judged by the length of their clothes and are called by names however we don’t have this trend of shaming men for their choice of clothes?
5. Why is it so that married women “Need to look married” by putting sindoor, mangalsootra etc but no such conditions are applied to men and they can be the way they are?
6. Why women are expected to fast for the long lives of their husbands, kids etc etc whereas if for any reason their husbands died, they were made to die a painful death by burning themselves alive in the name of “Sati”?

There are many others which I would raise in some other post. But for now, I need the answers and if we don’t have the answers for these can be please stop being HYPOCRITES , be LESS JUDGEMENTAL, and MORE CONSIDERATE.

Live and Let live πŸ™‚ . Make this world a beautiful place for others, be the cause of others’ smile not sorrow.

Think about it !!!!

Signing off for now

Author: thenehasharma1006

#Fashionista #Techie #Human and one thing which I kinda like in me is not pushing others to follow what I believe in.. We all are diferent and so is the approach towards life.. End of the day we all have one life live it to the fullest! Stay happy and healthy :)

One thought on “Are we not contributing to the hypocrisy towards women?”

  1. Kind of a sequel to the “Women – 2nd class citizen” blog πŸ™‚
    Well, got to accept the hypocrisy does prevail to some extent in the workplace or in general society.
    But it won’t long last.
    To be honest, when I first came to Bangalore, I was a little shocked to see women hanging out in the smoking zone. Im not getting judgmental, (in fact, i don’t even know what judgmental meant those days).
    It was more like a “Cultural Shock” in layman terms.
    Took a while to sink in. Now got used to it.
    Read an article a week ago that a Pub had been opened, only for Women in Madurai (Tamil Nadu, India).
    Reaction was – “Is it.. Good for them”
    So, give some time. Good things will happen.

    The tradition on women showing themselves married (Sindhur, mangalya soodhra) was to avoid Men trying to woo them (which women felt as harassment) thinking they might be single.
    Most of the things we feel stupid or meaningless arent created without any reason by our elders. The problem is we missed knowing the purpose somewhere in between.
    Though i had a lot to speak in mind, didnt want to hijack your blog space πŸ™‚ hence halting here.
    About your query to Mariyadha Purushotham and Krishna’s integrity – I’ll have a separate comment to it.


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