Skin Care Basics

We all at some point or other come across skin issues or troubles. I have been there too ! And trust me , it took me so many years to understand my skin type and needs and which cosmetics or skin care products are suited for my skin. So here is a cheat sheet to understand and work towards your skin care.

First thing you need to analyse is what type of skin do you have. You can have oily, dry,mixed,normal, or sensitive skin.
Every skin type needs different care. For instance I have super sensitive skin so I go for herbal cosmetics as much as possible.

Few factors you need to take care of to get flawless skin –

  1. Follow skin care routine – Cleansing, moisturizer and sunscreen are must to do. Make sure you do remove your makeup before bed howmuchever lazy you may feel but DO NOT skip this.
  2. Include fruits in your diet.
  3. Have plenty of sleep. Yes this does look cliche, but trust me people, this has a BIG impact on your skin. I personally can see the difference when I have enough sleep and when I don’t.
  4. Have enough of water. No not always 8-10 glass essentially BUT well enough you don’t feel dehydrated.
  5. Do not use makeup products which don’t go well with your skin type. Yes, you did invest a lot in your makeup products BUT risking your skin to justify the money spent is a big NO NO.
  6. Try your hands on the home remedies – Using Aloe Vera, Honey, Lemon masks. You might wonder whether it works or not, but Hey it does work.

So here were some tips on skin care essentials. Stay tuned, I will be coming back with much more content on skin care, beauty and fashion!

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Author: thenehasharma1006

#Fashionista #Techie #Human and one thing which I kinda like in me is not pushing others to follow what I believe in.. We all are diferent and so is the approach towards life.. End of the day we all have one life live it to the fullest! Stay happy and healthy :)

2 thoughts on “Skin Care Basics”

  1. That’s a good start and very informative. Looking forward for more tips towards specific skin types and alternatives for supplements with natural care.

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